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Aqua Aroma mist Diffuser

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Zen' Arôme - Aqua Aroma mist Diffuser
Aqua Aroma mist Diffuser
Aqua Aroma mist Diffuser
Aqua Aroma mist Diffuser
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Item number : 9BONZ0003
The Aqua aroma mist combines a modern with elegance and is made from hand crafted ceramic. The diffusion of its coloured light and scented mist will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed! 1 year warranty.
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Product Features:

Materials : hand made ceramics

Dimensions : 27 x 18 cm

Weight : 2kg

Warranty : 1 year


. 1 nebulizer 1A with 12 LED 3 colors (RGB) with ceramic diaphragm 20mm diameter
. 1 switch
. 1 providing a transformer operating at a voltage of 24V Security

. Almost silent diffusion

. Economical diffusion of essential oils

. Low power consumption

. Diffusion of oils cold

. Cleans the air

. Ceramic bowl, hand crafted

. Aromatherapy - Diffuse essential oils or other scents (essential oils or
perfume extracts without alcohol suitable for dissemination)
. Eliminates static charges
. Purifies the air and regulates the humidity
. LED lighting with color variation to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation

User guideline:

When water level is low, the system no longer generates mist  and LED flashes red. Simply add water, ensuring that the water measurer is completely submerged. The system will automatically restart after a few seconds.

If you do not use the diffuser for a certain period of time, and the basin is empty, the same flasing lights appear at the startup.

The life of the membrane is limited (about 2000 hours). The amount of mist generated will reduce to the total absence of fog. This is normal wear and the ceramic membrane should be replaced.



. Water must be added before any additional oils, perfums or other aromatheropy products are added.
. Do not operate the product without water
. Always check the amount of water before using the product.
. Use distilled water and essential oils or perfume extracts without alcohol for broadcast .
. Clean the nebulizer and the membrane as described in the manual.
. Place the product out of the reach of children.
. Do not move the unit when filled with water and / or when it is running.
. This product should only be powered by the supplied AC adapter. Please observe the operating voltage indicated on the transformer.
. Use in an environment of 10 ° C and 30 ° C. The temperature of water used should be between 5 ° C and 20 ° C.
.Change the water in the tank periodically.
. Empty the tank when the device is not used .
. Only for indoor use .
. Property damage, personal injury or damage to plants or animals due to improper use or non-compliance with safety instructions may not under any circumstances accept responsibility or that of the manufacturer.
. Any practice goes against the information given in this manual will void the warranty.

Aqua aroma mist diffuser

The mist diffuser made from an ultrasonic system completely harmless that turns water into mist. It is mainly used for the provision of essential oils and perfume extracts as its distribution method allows cold mist diffusion which does not alter the therapeutic oils.

In addition, the ultrasound system does not release negative ions which helps reduce pollution of the air in your home.

Equipped with LED lighting, this mist diffuser emits a colorful changing light ( color gradient with soft variation) for a relaxing atmosphere.

Supplied with basin:vase type  glass holder, probe kit lens droplets and instructions French / English . Use only distilled water or essential oils / perfume extracts that are alcohol free.
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Customer reviews: (52 reviews)

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