4 Watt LED Camping lantern - VARTA

VARTA - 4 Watt LED Camping lantern
4 Watt LED Camping lantern
4 Watt LED Camping lantern
Item number : 1XXCE0090
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Get ready for camping with this lantern.

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Product Features:

- High autonomy

- High impact resistance and water

- 3 lighting modes: strong, economic and flashing signal

- 4 LED Watts

- Warranty 3 years

- Battery: 3 D batteries supplied

- Brightness up to 300 lumens

- Beam Range: 10 m to 360 ° (0.25 lux)

- Battery life: up to 150 hours

- LED: One LED of 4 Watts

Dimensions: Length 88 mm

Weight: 830g

About Varta:

Varta has bees a specialist for decades in the design and production of batteries and chargers and has a reputation that is second to none.

To satisfy our needs in transportable energy, Varta offers innovative products and quality while limiting the impact on our environment.

Varta develops products that are safe for the environment using environmentally friendly production processes with advanced technology.

Come discover the range of Varta chargers and rechargeable batteries that will allow you to save money.

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