100 Percent Trouble Gift Set

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Starchild - 100 Percent Trouble Gift Set
100 Percent Trouble Gift Set
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A very nice gift set that will please both the parents and the children. It comes with a cute tee-shirt and slippers.

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Product features:

Corresponding sizes ( rather large size ) :
- 0 /6 months :    10.7 cm or of 17/18
- 6 /12 months :   12 cm or 19/20
- 12/ 18 months:  13.4 cm or 20/23
- 18/24 months:   15 cm or 23/24
- 2/3 years:         16 cm or 24/25
- 3/4 years:         17 cm or 25/28

The Starchild shoes were hand made in England with a very soft high quality leather with suede soles that guarantee no slipping.

These shoes are manufactured in compliance with the environment.

The colours used are non-toxic .

The top of the shoe is made of soft leather, leaving the feet and toes thrive naturallys.

The thick, durable suede sole gives the baby a barefoot sensation that it is very nice.

The elastic on the slippers is quite large, which is ideal for children who wish to put on their shoes on their own , but also for babies with strong enough ankles.

The leather used has also the property of being thermo regulator : the feet are cool in summer and warm in winter .


Starchild slippers size rather big.

User guidelines:

Wash by hand or in the machine (with washing of the same colour) at a low temperature.

Ultra-fast drying in the open air.

Place a  milk soaked cloth on the leather for a renovator effect.

To maintain the anti-slip sole side, simply brush the suede to remove all the dirt making it smooth.

About Starchild :

Starchild is famous for its soft sole leather baby shoes and colourful slippers.

They are made with love and creativity from 100% leather.

The elastic straps and Velcro closures keep Baby's socks on and the shoes really do stay on! Therefore Starchild shoes and slippers help babies gain confidence while taking their first steps.

Another key feature: The thermo regulating properties of the leather keeps Baby's feet warm in  winter and cool and dry in summer.

Each pair is lovingly hand made in England in a traditional shoe factory. They make appealing gifts and are much loved by adults as well as children.
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Customer reviews: (2 reviews)

Posted by Ludivine on 16/02/2013

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Posted by Annick on 12/08/2012

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