Big Oskar Humidifier - White

 - Stadler Form
Stadler Form - Big Oskar Humidifier - White
Big Oskar Humidifier - White
Big Oskar Humidifier - White
Big Oskar Humidifier - White
Big Oskar Humidifier - White

Air humidifier that works using cold evaporation, for areas up to 65m².

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Product Features:

- Power: 8 to 30W.

- 4 output levels.

- Output up to 480g/h.

- Automatic shut-off.

- Tank capacity: 6 litres.

- For rooms up to 160m3 / 65m2.

- Night mode.

- Integrated hygrostat.

- Filter change reminder.

- Water level window.

- Fragrance dispenser.

- Sound level: 25-46dB.

- Dimensions: 470 x 290 x 200mm.

- Weight: 3.9kg.

About Stadler Form

Created by Martin Stadler in 1998, Stadler Form is a Swiss company that offers a complete line of high-quality, functional, and modern home appliances.

The success of Stadler Form relies on the complementarity of renowned designers and qualified technical staff members. This is why Stadler Form products are unique and have received numerous awards!

Discover Stadler Form products at humidifiers, fans, heaters, air purifiers, air cleaners and essential oil diffusers.
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