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2 Cartridges for hand held Sprite shower head Sprite Showers

2x Chlorgon filter cartridges + KDF for Sprite shower head

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Product description
• Référence : 2BONW0018

2x Chlorgon filter cartridges + KDF for Sprite shower head

Product Features :

- Pack of 2 filter cartridges SPRITE Chlorgon + KDF shower for 3 1 SPRITE (2BONW0016 and 2BONW0017).

- The life of a cartridge is 20000 liters. It is should be replaced every 6 months.

- It remains the only cartridge on the market to filter chlorine and chlorine derivatives. It also reduces the limestone.
It is composed of Chlorgon ® and KDF ®.


NSF Standard approved cartridges 177
User guideline:

Changing the cartridge:

- Depending on the quality of your water and the number of people using the shower filter cartridge must be replaced after 6 months of use, or as soon as you start to feel your skin getting a bit rough or irritated and can smell a slight cholrine odour.

 About Sprite Showers:

For more than 40 years Sprite Industries has been the leader in shower filtration and has numerous patents for its products with their innovating technologies.

Rediscover the pleasure and well-being of pure, chlorine and limescale-free water with Sprite Showers' shower-water filtration systems.

Most Sprite products are NSF certified to #177 standards for shower filtration, and can remove chlorine by up to 99%.

Chlorine is commonly used to kill and control any bacteria found in water. Sprite Filtered Showers contain Chlorgon™ and KDF™, a patented filtration system designed to reduce chlorine in the shower. With 23 U.S. and International patents, Sprite is the recognized leader in filtered shower products.
(44 reviews)
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