25 Dishwasher Tablets - 20g

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The main ingredients in these dishwasher tablets are sodium hydroxide, silicates and sulphated castor oil, which remove leftover food residues and grease. 25 x 20g tablets.
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Price per kilo: £11.40/kilo

Product description

Price per kilo: £11.40/kilo

Product Features:

These Dishwasher Tablets have sodium hydroxide, silicates, and sulphated castor oil as its main ingredients which remove leftover food residues and grease.

- Respectful of the environment and biodegradable

- Free from GMO's

- Free from petrochemical surfactants, preservatives, whiteners or fragrances

- Free from allergens (no enzymes, synthetic fragrances, colourants)

- 25 x 20g tablets

Ingredients: Citrate, sodium hydroxide, silicates, sodium percarbonate, polyaspartic acid sodium salt, iminodisuccinic acid sodium salt, anionic surfactant (sulfated castor oil)

User Guidelines:

- Adjust the dishwasher softener to a higher level than is necessary according to water hardness.

- Regularly fill the compartments for regenerating salts and rinsing product and open the machine at the end of the cycle.

About Sonett:

The German company Sonett is a real model when it comes to eco-friendly production.

Sonett offers a complete range of organic and eco-friendly cleaning products, and takes the German 'eco-control' and 'eco-guarantee' labels. 'Eco-guarantee' prevents the use of petrochemical surfactant and GMOs  and imposes the use of vegetable and plant raw materials derived through controlled organic farming. Since its creation, Sonett's focus has been on the quality of its water.

The brand reinforces the power of neutral water detergents with added bio-degradable products such as vegetable and plant-based soaps, tensioactive sugars and minerals.

All of Sonett's products are free from synthetic fragrances, petrochemical tensioactives, nanotechnology, GMO's and synthetic preservatives!


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