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  • SO'Bio étic
SO'Bio étic

SO'Bio étic® offers ethical and certified organic beauty products, for all the family.

SO'Bio étic® designs and produces certified organic cosmetic and hygienic products and makes the benefits of nature in all its forms accessible for everbody, whilst respecting an ethical manufacturing process.

SO'Bio étic® offers a complete range ranging from facial and body care, make-up, hygiene and aromatherapy, each of them being a sensory experience through delicate fragrances of natural origin, soft and light textures for all skin types and easy to use packaging.

Specific attention is paid to the selection of ingredients used in order to guarantee naturalness in perfect harmony with the skin. Their formulas are free from any ingredients suspected to be harmful to health and the environment, such as parabens, silicons, glycol ethers, polyethylene glycol and nano-particles.

Moreover, all SO'Bio étic® products are dermatologically tested and contain biological assets which have been measured or proven to be effective.

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