Adaptarom Organic Lotion 200ml

 - Pranarôm
Pranarôm - Adaptarom Organic Lotion 200ml
Adaptarom Organic Lotion 200ml

Cleanses and gently purifies the face. Also suitable for removing eye make-up.

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Quantity :
Price per liter: £55.50/liter

Price per liter: £55.50/liter

Product Features:

100% organic essential oils: Rosewood, Scots pine, Black spruce, Honey myrtle.

Dermatologically tested.


- Ecocert.

User Guidelines:

- Apply using a cotton pad or spray directly onto face.

- For external use only.

About Pranarom

International is a family-owned laboratory based in Belgium, which has become one of the leading names in the field of aromatherapy. Pranarom essential oils are 100% pure and natural.

The name "Pranarom" comes from two words:

- Prana means "breath of life" (the Indian version of "Chi"). It is the starting point of each action or decision, an essential energy source.

- Arom comes from the word "aroma". Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants.

Pranarom products are the best for all aromatherapy lovers!
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Posted by chrysal on 17/02/2016

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Posted by chrysal on 17/02/2016

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Posted by chrysal on 17/02/2016

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Posted by chrysal on 17/02/2016

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Posted by sookielarousse on 22/08/2014

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