Pingo nappies are designed to offer parents an economical and ecological alternative solution to traditional nappies.

In fact, it has been estimated that a large percentage of household waste is nappies. Parents are therefore looking for environmentally-friendly products using as few resources as possible and especially less harmful materials.

Even though Pingo baby nappies are not 100% organic and contain some petrochemical raw materials like any other traditional nappies, the company is taking a first major step towards environmental protection.

Pingo nappies are the most eco-friendly nappies available on the market! First of all, the core nappy layer is made from FSC-certified cellulose. Then the remaining CO2 emissions from Pingo manufacturing process are offset through certified projects by MyClimate. Finally, Pingo nappies are produced with green electricity, certified by NaturemadeStar.

Beside the environmentally-friendly approach, Pingo also provides a real innovation for the well-being of our babies: Pingo nappies are soft, comfortable and very absorbent!

Choose the best for your baby: choose Pingo high-quality and ultra-thin baby nappies!

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