Anti-Aging Balancing Treatment 40g - Phyt's

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The Phyt's anti-aging balancing treatment is rich oils: Borage and Evening Primrose essential for hormonal balance, anti-aging cream provides nutrients Phytonagre, tone, firmness and softness to the skin. 40g tube.

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Price per kilo: £863.75/kilo

Product Features:

- Anti-Aging Balancing Treatment

- Active assets:
Vanilla: Phyto- UV protection , anti-free radicals
Soyabeans: Action restorative, restructuring, moisturizing, toning
Borage: Improves flexibility of the skin
Evening Primrose : Strengthens the intercellular cement , ensures the elasticity of the skin, fight against drying out
Vitamin E: Anti-free radicals , slows aging

- Composition: Emulsion Sunflower * , Palm * , Vanilla * , * Borage , Evening Primrose * , Sage * , Lavender * , Virginia Cedar , Vitamin E, Palmarosa * , cardamom * , * Soy , Rosewood

* 99 % of plant ingredients are from organic farming.

100% natural ingredients.

- Capacity: 40g tube

- Provides elasticity and firms the skin

- Protects and moisturizes the skin

- Softens and reduces the signs of aging

Certifications : 

- PHYT'S Cosmetics are labeled COSMEBIO* and are certified by Bureau Veritas (France Quality) certification according to the standard I- 305.

* Cosmébio Label guarantees the customer about the nature and biological quality of cosmetics:

. At least 95% natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin.

. At least 95% of plant ingredients are from Organic Farming

. At least 10% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming

About PHYT'S

PHYT’S was created in 1972 by a French naturopath and biologist. The idea was to develop a unique, healthy and efficient skincare products in perfect harmony with an ecological and ethical philosophy. Years of research and development have lead PHYT’S  to its complete range of products for the face, body & hair. PHYT'S products are developed by highly skilled scientists; they are built on the therapeutic properties of essential oils, vegetable oils, plant extracts & minerals.

In 2003, PHYT’S products were certified organic with the Cosmebio Label regulated by Eccocert and now more recently by Qualite France. PHYT'S products are not tested on animals.

PHYT’S products are developed to minimize the impact on the environment, recyclable or biodegradable packaging is used, made from sustainably managed forests, uses inks  that are ecolabel Imprim'vert. For quality cosmetics that look after your environment, try the PHYT’S  product range.
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