Amandina Chocolate Almond Drink 1l

 - Perlamande
Perlamande - Amandina Chocolate Almond Drink 1l
Amandina Chocolate Almond Drink 1l

This chocolate-flavoured drink made with organic almonds is free from gluten and lactose.

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Price per liter: £4.43/liter

Price per liter: £4.43/liter

Product Features:

- Ingredients: water, almonds 5.6%, brown cane sugar*, gluten-free wheat syrup*, maltodextrin*, chocolate* 1% (brown cane sugar*, FT cocoa*), FT cocoa* 1%, salt, thickener: xanthan gum.

* ingredients from organic farming.

- Contains nuts.

- Carton: 1 litre.


- Ecocert.

- Agriculture Biologique (French organic farming).

User Guidelines:

Can be consumed as a hot or cold drink on its own, or in tea, coffee, breakfast cereals and sweet dishes as a dairy substitute.

About Perlamande

Almonds are nutritious and healthy. They are naturally triple-protected by a green shell, a hard shell, and a skin, which ensures the preservation of taste and nutritional qualities.

Perlamande chooses to use almonds and other fruits and nuts from organic farming. Perlamande focuses on the quality and safety of its products and the principle of naturalness which is good for the consumer and helps to preserve the planet.

Perlamande's production of ingredients, packaging, transport, processing and distribution ensures that it sticks to the process of organic farming and complies with the relevant rules and regulations.

The majority of the Perlamande range comes from France, which has some of the strictest regulations for organic products. The regulations are implemented in the framework of the AB certification by a firm of auditors. Perlamande follows all the French and European regulations concerned so that its customers get the best tasting products of the highest quality
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