8 Packs of 18 Eco Nappies Size 6 Extra Large 16kg+

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Nature Babycare - 8 Packs of 18 Eco Nappies Size 6 Extra Large 16kg+
8 Packs of 18 Eco Nappies Size 6 Extra Large 16kg+
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Item number : 1PACK0025

Eco-friendly disposable nappies that are biodegradable and kind to baby's skin! Chlorine free & breathable nappies. Size 6 Extra Large suitable for babies from 16 kg and up. 8 packs of 18 nappies (144 nappies).

In Stock Delivery expected between Sep 22, 2017 and Sep 26, 2017
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Unit price: £7.39

Product Features:

- Gentle and healthy for your baby's skin!

- Based on natural, certified materials

- Leakage barrier made from a GM Free corn starch film that breathes naturally

- 100% Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and fragrance-free

- Soft, cloth-like feel provides a non-bulky fit, enabling your child to move around freely!

Nappy size: Size 6 Extra Large (16+ kg, 35+ lbs)

Quantity: 8 packs of 18 nappies (144 nappies)

About Nature Babycare:

by Nature Babycare is an entrepreneurial company founded by Marlene Sandberg, a Swedish mother.

Naty nappies are the number one green alternative when it comes to disposable nappies.

Nature Babycare provides ecological options in personal care, baby textile range and womencare range. Their products are a natural choice for environmentally-aware parents and women.
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Customer reviews: (6 reviews)

Posted by Anne on 14/12/2016

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Posted by Magali on 05/12/2016

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Posted by Etana31 on 03/03/2016

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Posted by Audrey on 31/01/2016

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Posted by beekjen on 11/04/2015

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Posted by Josselin (from Greenweez Customer Ambassador team) on 13/12/2014

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