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• Item number : 1MOUS0001

The Mousticare Adjustable anti-mosquito bracelet, is practical, just put it on and it provides you with excellent protection. Contains no harmful substances, ideal for the whole family!

Product Features :

- Anti-mosquito bracelet: Ideal during your outdoor activities, while traveling in the tropics, or every day to protect yourself at home as in travail.

- The Mousticare strap contains a natural repellent: purified geraniol, from the Cympobogon plant.

- Bracelet Size: 30 cm

- It effectively repels mosquitoes, protection for 1 to 2 months. Mousticare suitable for adults, children over 3 years old and pregnant women.

- The wristband diffuses the repellent, gradually covering the entire body

- Ingredients: purified geraniol (13%), geranial, nerol

- Mosquito repellent without alcohol

- Non-toxic anti-mosquito product

- Adjustable

User Guideline :

- Active after 1 hour of wearing the product (after a month of use, active after 2 hours of waiting).

- After a bath / shower, after two hours of waiting.

- For maximum protection, place a wrist strap and ankle and cut the excess, do not tighten the strap;

- Change bracelet when coverage decreases, remove if prolonged swimming.

- For immediate protection, complete with Mousticare Spray Skin.


- May possibly cause mild reactions warm or tingling. These are temporary and related to the activity of the product. In case of strong reaction, remove the bracelet.

- Do not use if you have an unusual reactions incase of an unknown allergy! Do not use if you have any allergies to any of the ingredients.

About Mousticare

Mousticare The brand offers a range of natural repellents with proven efficacy.

Mousticare offers an alternative to chemical repellents. Its natural components (free of toxins and alcohol), are effective against the European and tropical mosquitoes & bugs.

The Mousticare range is designed for the whole family, ideal for travel and protection at home.

User Guidelines:


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