• Les Fleurs de Bach
Les Fleurs de Bach

Elixirs & Co is a company created 20 years ago by Gérald Wolf, a recognised expert and veritable pioneer, being one of the first to recommend Les Fleurs de Bach to France and also to import them to England.

Elixirs & Co are the specialists behind making the authentic, organic and hand-made Les Fleurs de Bach. The Les Fleurs de Bach brand remains strictly loyal to the original preparation method of Dr Bach as described in his works.

The Les Fleurs de Bach essences are elaborated solely from wild flowers in harvesting sites controled by Ecocert. the mother-essences are exclusively conserved in organic 40% brandy, and all the flower essences respect the orginal deilutions of 1/250ths. The range of care proposed by the brand is certified by Ecocert and follows the Cosmébio charter.

Elixirs and Co are members of Les Fleurs de Bach Guild, which reunites several European producers of floral elixirs and ensures to establish quality, ethical and authentic standards in the method of producing the elixirs.

Furthermore, the label "Original Method of Dr Bach", which features on all the products of Les Fleurs de Bach, vouches for quality.

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