6-Pack Traditional Bellied Jar SUPER 1.50L

 - Le Parfait
Item number : 1LEPA0006
Perfect for preserving fresh fruits, vegetables and prepared food. Pack of 6 traditional bellied jars. Diametre: 85mm. Capacity: 1.5L.
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Product description

Product Features:

- Stainless steel closing mecanism, clip top

- The rubber ring is disposable and must be changed after each use

- Perfect to preserve soups, fruits, vegetables, jams...

- BPA Free

Dimensions: 85mm diameter

Weight: 4.57kg

About Le Parfait:

A symbol of taste and freshness, the company Le Parfait was created in Reims in the early 1930s, at the beginning of the advertising boom. Its competitors were then the brands Le Meilleur, Le Pratique and Triumph.

But Le Parfait had its own vision and approach to preserving: to preserve the flavour of food simply and naturally, especially seasonal fruits and vegetables. Slowly but surely, Le Parfait built its fame and became a synonym, in French families, of freshness and flavour.

Today, Le Parfait enjoys such a reputation because of the quality of its jars. With its symbolic orange rubber seal, Le Parfait has been iconic for many generations!

More information about glass:

Mainly composed of sand, glass was discovered in Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago. It was already used in 1,500 BC to preserve food. The glass industry developed in the 18th century and became a mass industry in the 20th century. Glass manufacturing is still being constantly developed.

Natural, fully recyclable, resistant, waterproof, and flavour-tight… Glass is the healthiest container and meets all modern requirements. Unlike plastic, it does not contain Bisphenol A - a potentially harmful chemical for the human body. All these properties, combined with aesthetics and authenticity values, make glass more than ever the favorite container for French families.

The origins of canning:

Nicolas Appert, a French inventor, was born in 1749 in Chalons en Champagne. At the end of the 18th century, in Paris, he discovered the principle of modern canning. At that time, all preservation processes (salting, smoking, sugar preservation, marinating and pickling) were expensive and allowed only partial preservation, which altered the product’s quality.

However, Appert, fascinated by fire, discovered that heating food in an hermetically sealed container did preserve the food much longer. He then gave his name to this process: appertization. Today, this process is officially recognized as the best way to preserve food.


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