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Almond milk powder to make great tasting instant milk beverage that is 100% vegetable based. Box 800 g.

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Price per kilo: £35.44/kilo

Product Features :

- composition:
* Almonds partially defatted (equivalent to 130% whole kernels, rice maltodextrin*, acacia fiber*, natural flavors*.
* Ingredients from organic farming

- Box of 800 grams ( = 8-10 liters milk)

- Nutritional value : 100g

- Protein: 32g

- Carbohydrate: 30g (including lactose 0g )

- Fat: 12g (including 1g saturated , monounsaturated 8g , 3g polyunsaturated )

- Fibre : 17g

- Sodium: 0.03g

- Calcium: 441 mg
Magnesium: 308 mg
Phosphorus: 570 mg
Iron : 6.20 mg
Zinc: 4.5 mg
Vitamin B2 0.39 mg
Vitamin B3: 5.13 mg
Vitamin B9 : 39 mcg

- Add it to your breakfast!!!
Mix 3 doses of Almond Milk with 200 to 250 ml of warm water preferably. Add 30 to 40g fl ocons precooked cereals (rice, spelled or oats... ) and mix well until absorbed.
(why not add  1 teaspoon of chocolate spread Delight Almond Mandorle, 3 dates and 2 chopped figs rehydrated, and vanilla powder. Wide variety of products to go with your Mandorle milk)

- A vegeterian alternative

- Quick and easy to make

- Ideal for those with allergies and intolerances to animal milk

-  Subtle and refined taste

User Guideline  : 

- For children: 2 doses per 100 mL of hot or cold to fit the volume of the water bowl.

- For adults: 2 to 3 doses per 200 ml or a bowl of hot or cold liquid. Can also be consumed as cream, cooking in any dish that requires mill/cream etc...

- Preparation: Mix the powder with a little water until you get a homogeneous cream. Gradually pour the balance water depnding on whether you want a creamy texture or milk.

About Mandrole

The Mandorle develops plant-based dried-fruit beverages.

To provide the best dried fruit, Mandorle has developed a patented manufacturing process, ensuring high fruit, high nutritional value products that is good for digestion. Mandorla is committed to meet high quality standards and ethics while developing Innovative healthy foods in a natural and organic line.The packagings are selected in respect for the environment with the eco- global approach.

Natural sources of nutrients, the Mandorle products optimize and maintain your well-being, providing you with a balanced diet, helping you lead a healthy lifestyle.

All products are naturally free of lactose, gluten and soya. They represent an ideal alternative to animal milk and soya.

Today, Mandorle a French brand is expanding its beverages nuts (almond The Mandorle milk) and product range, as well as milk shakes, instant breakfast, spreads, creams for cooking, extra virgin olive oil etc.
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