Almond Milk Chocolate Flan Mixture - 65g

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La Mandorle - Almond Milk Chocolate Flan Mixture - 65g
Almond Milk Chocolate Flan Mixture - 65g

Chocolate-flavoured instant flan mix for 4 people. Naturally lactose-, gluten-, and soya-free.

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Price per kilo: £51.00/kilo

Price per kilo: £51.00/kilo

Product Features:

- Ingredients: instant almond milk* (60%) (partially defatted almonds*, dehydrated rice syrup*, acacia fibre*), rice starch*, FT cocoa* (14.3%) almond powder*, thickeners: carrageenan seaweed, guar*, agar agar.

*Ingredients from organic farming.

- Nutritional information (per 100g of powder):
Energy 375kcal/1552kJ
Protein 22g
Fat 15g
Carbohydrates 38g
Fibre: 12g

- Net weight: 65g.

- Made in France.


- Agriculture Biologique (French organic farming).

- EU-Eco-regulation.
User Guidelines:

- Pour the powder into a pan. Dilute with 500ml of cold water. Boil the powder and water mixture.

- Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, stirring constantly. Sweeten to taste, with 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, preferably just after cooking.

- You can also add syrups, nuts, or coconut to sweeten.

- Pour into 4 individual ramekins or a dish for 4 people and refrigerate.

About La Mandorle

La Mandorle develops vegetable and dried fruit based beverages.

To provide the best dried fruit, La Mandorle has developed a patented manufacturing process ensuring high fruit content, high nutritional value, and digestibility.

Natural sources of nutrients, the La Mandorle products optimise and maintain your well-being, encouraging a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle .

All products are naturally lactose, gluten, and soya free! They are an ideal alternative to animal milk and soya.

Today, La Mandorle has expanded their range, from their dairy-free milk products to milk shakes, instant breakfast products, spreads, creams for cooking, extra virgin oils, and many more items!

La Mandorle is committed to meeting quality standards and ethics while developing innovative health foods in a natural and organic way. Their natural, quality products are produced with a manufacturing process that respects the environment and preserves nutrients. Their packaging is also environmentally friendly.
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