Anti Hair Loss Lotion Men 200ml

 - K pour Karité
K pour Karité - Anti Hair Loss Lotion Men 200ml
Anti Hair Loss Lotion Men 200ml

This lotion will reinforce your hair and help preventing it from falling.

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Price per liter: £113.69/liter

Price per liter: £113.69/liter

Product features:

Spray Bottle 200ml

Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera Organic *, Glycerin essential plant origin, sample wine, oil Cedar biological Atlas *, Rosemary essential oil organic cineole 1.8 * Peppermint essential oil of biological fields * Extract organic ginger *, shea butter extract, Vitamin C, Solubilizer natural, citric Acid, Limonene **.

* Ingredients from organic farming
** Natural constituents of essential oils

Labels & Certifications:



About K pour Karité:

K pour Karité, the fruit of 20 years of experience used by hair professionals, offers a range of organic products that meets the needs of the whole family!

Elegant packaging, nice smell and creamy textures ... the K pour Karité hair cares, styling cares, colouring cares and natural hair mascaras will not seas to surprise you!

The K pour Karité team puts all its energy to provide effective, innovative and high quality products.

In general, consumers want to show off their increasingly frequent use of natural products.

This is why K pour Karité offers a range of free of any chemical ingredients having the COSMETICS ORGANIC label, certified by ECOCERT label.
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