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Anti-Radiation Smooth phone case

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Isophone - Anti-Radiation Smooth phone case
Anti-Radiation Smooth phone case
Anti-Radiation Smooth phone case
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Item number : 1ISOP0003
A mobile phone case that protects you from radiation waves. Several sizes available.
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Product Features :

- Practical, compact & lightweight: Made in a soft and light material, coupled with an electromagnetic shielding fabric, it fits all mobile phones and has an added anti-shock bonus features! Anti-shack, anti-radiation-waves & stylish cover for your phone.

- Efficient ! Tests prove : the waves are blocked by up to 99% ! It perfectly protects users health from the potential harmful effects of radiation.

- Sizes available:
M: 5.9 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm
L: 6.6 x 12 x 1.5 cm
iPhone 3: 6.6 x 12 x 1.5 cm

- Available Colours: brown or black

- The cover test : a guaranteed of effectiveness. The case is fully lined with anti-radiation fabric!

- Place your phone in this case, and close the flap and you are protected!

The incoming call is forwarded directly to your voicemail. The waves do not pass, your phone will not access the network * .

* In the immediate vicinity of an antenna relay, few cases have been recorded phone reception due to the extremely high radiation power of these antennas . This does not constitute a defect in workmanship or quality ISOPHONE .

User Guideline:

- How it works :
Effective daily protection, the case allows you to receive calls or to call but protects your body from the negative radioactive waves, even when its on standby . It acts as a shield between the body and radiation. (reduction of the passage of waves : 70 to 90 % depending on the conditions).

- Place the phone in the case and close the flap, open when necessary, in the case of making or receiveing a call or text for example to help reduce radiation.

About Isophone

Isophone is a mobile phone case which protects you from waves. The debat on the dangers of radiation waves from mobile phones has been going on for years, with an increase in mobile phone users, Isophone launched its protective products, to protect all users!

Practical! Made from a soft and light material, coupled with an electromagnetic shielding fabric, it fits all mobile phones and offers the user full protection.

Effective! Tests prove: 99% of the waves are blocked. It perfectly protects the user from potential harm caused by radiation. So you can use your mobile devices feeling more at ease!

By placing your phone in the protective case, you limit the radiation that is emited from such devices.
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Customer reviews: (9 reviews)

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