3 Drippers Watering Garden Kit

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Iriso - 3 Drippers Watering Garden Kit
3 Drippers Watering Garden Kit
3 Drippers Watering Garden Kit
3 Drippers Watering Garden Kit
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Item number : 2IRIS0005
This kit fits on watering device (plastic bottles, terracotta, metal), you can water several plants with one bottle for up to 60 days. 3 drippers.
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- x 3 drippers

- This kit fits on any subject (plastic , terracotta, metal ) from 0.5 to 5000 liters. No electrical equipment is required thus avoiding all failures and requires no limitation of location (balconies, greenhouses, gardens, flowerbeds, hedges etc...).

- Adjustable flow to suit all plants

- Water to air temperature

- Easy to install, easy to maintain, fully removable for cleaning

- Each dripper is programmable : on the same device or bottle, different plants can be watered because the flow rate of each dripper is adjusted depending on the plant ,

- At this point in particular: the most cost- watering world (eg with a 25 liter and 12 drippers , tomatoes watered for 30 days with a plastic bottle for holiday departures until 30. watering days depending on the setting)

- It sprinkles never drown the plant: this gives + flowers + of gits and prevents diseases,

- With watering 24 H 24 H , no water loss : the plant absorbs 95% of water supplied while conventional sprinkler system : lots of infiltration and evaporation ,

- Several watering days and for some products several weeks of watering.

- ALL reservations, bottles, consider making a hole to let the air

- VERY IMPORTANT : water is released faster in the first  use, it takes 8 days to stabilize drippers.


Located since 2001 in Belleville sur Vie in Vendée department of the company,  IRISO develops and manufactures IRISO 1 drip system thatcan be adjusted to suit the watering requirements of the plant.

With its new patented sprinkler system that works without batteries or electricity or programmer IRISO has become an essential watering specialist for indoor and outdoor plants. This system has received numerous awards, including a gold medal at the Concours Lépine and price in horticultural salons IRISO range is marketed in 19 countries.
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