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Aurora stylish lamp with dimmer

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Innosol - Aurora stylish lamp with dimmer
Aurora stylish lamp with dimmer
Aurora stylish lamp with dimmer
Item number : 1INNO0002
The Aurora lamp has medical therapeutic features to help on those grey, dark days. the Aurora mediaclly certified lamp can also be used as a mood lamp thanks to its dimmer. 70 Watts, 2 years warranty.
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Product Features :

- Issonol Aurora medically certified lamp

- Stylish design, ideal for the home, bedroom, office etc...

- Place it anywhere you like to benefit from its therapeutic qualities and decorate a room with this fabolously designed lamp.

- Materials: Polycarbonate casing / steel frame

- Dimensions: 60 x 20 cm

- Weight: 2 kg

- Voltage / Power: 220 V-240 V - 50 Hz

- Cord with wall plug

- Fluorescent: 2 x 36W 4000 Kelvin

- Therapy distance: 23 cm to 10 000 lux

- Warranty: 2 years

. Dimmer feature

. Screen protection flexible opaque anti-glare and anti-UV

. electronic ballast

Certification :

. Medically certified CE 0434

. Classified as 2A by the bureau Det Norske Veritas
. Certified  SGS FIMKO by the Finnish Electronics inspection bureau

User guideline

- The ideal time to use this therap light is in the morning (except in special cases).
- Simplyplace the light in the direction of your eyes. The user must keep their eyes open but WITHOUT directly staring at the light source.
- The exposure time varies depending on the lighting.
For exposure to 10,000 lux (a unit of measurement of light intensity), it takes around 30 minutes. With the 2500 lux, user would need about 2 hours of exposure.

About the Brand

Innosol offers a range of lighting with therapeutic qualities to help you relax!

Today, we are supposed to be efficient and productive in all seasons. So rather than feeling tired and stressed as we would during certain seasons, Innosol has been developed to allow us to cope with seasonal fatigue.

Innosol are among the most powerful on the market and provide efficient therapy with powers of up to 160 watts and treatment distances of up to 140 cm.

The Innosol brand provides a wide range of light therapy products for the home and office.

The light therapy Rondo has also won the European Consumers Award 2010 .

About SAD

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and is a medically recognised condition that results from our body`s response to shorter days and smaller amounts of daylight. SUB SAD, or Winter Blues is a milder form of SAD affecting a considerably larger number of people.

You may be suffering from SAD if you find you often feel tired or have no energy, particularly around the colder seasons when the days are shorter and the nights are longer.


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