Baby Swimwear - Blue-Striped

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Hamac - Baby Swimwear - Blue-Striped
Baby Swimwear - Blue-Striped
Baby Swimwear - Blue-Striped

The Hamac Baby Swimwear is a leakproof, trendy and totally innovative swimwuit that replaces disposable swim nappies.  

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Product features:

- Anti UVA / UVB Oeko Tex certified textile

- Waterproof and leak-proof, breathable 'Hamac' system

- Quick Dry

- Special reusable absorbent pad for swimming.

- Choose your size: S (4-8kg), M (7-13kg), L (11-18kg)

- Colour: Blue-striped

- Made in France


- The baby swimwear is made out of Merylâ„¢ microfiber. It helps keep body humidity, speeds up drying and avoids the cooling of the skin.

- The Hamac® pouch is made out of breathable and waterproof polyurethane.

- The little net is made out of 94 % polyamide and of 6 % elastane, and it keeps the absorbent pad in position (100 % polyester).

- The reusable absorbent pad is made of 100% polyester.

User guidelines:

- Machine washable at 40°C, the tumble dryer should not be used. It is important to fold the tabs back before washing so that it does not damage the rest of the linen. The baby swimsuit should not be ironed.

- To prevent leaking and other damage to the Hamac pouch, refrain from using washing products containing alcohol, solvents, whiteners or abrasives.

About the brand

The Hamac team loves babies and strive to create and develop the best possible products for babies.

This young and innovative company launched by Florence Hallouin, a mother who was shocked by the amount of nappies she was throwing away. She decided to devise a new and practical ssolution that respects the environment; the company has now gone on to develop several other patented baby products such as baby swimsuits, wipes and reusable nappies that are handy, eco-friendly, good quality and produced in the EU.

Looking at ultra- soft and comfortable materials that provide maximum protection, then, grab your baby some Hamac pants or swimsuits and other great Hamac baby products!

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