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Chevalait - Organic Mare's Milk Hair Conditioner 250ml
- 7%
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Natessance - Castor Oil Hair and Nails 50ml
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Marilou Bio - Organic hair conditioner 75ml
- 15%
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Natessance - Leave-in conditioner 150ml
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(18 reviews)
Natessance - Castor Oil for Hair & Nails
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(9 reviews)
Aube Indienne - Arizona irritated hair mask 250mL
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(5 reviews)
Aube Indienne - Yellowstone Hair Mask Dull Hair 250ml

Natural conditioners contain plant extracts to hydrate, detox and nourish your hair!

Shop brands like Aube Indienne, Phyt's, Beliflor... All our products are free from artificial fragrances or harsh ingredients, and most of them are suitable for the most sensitive skins.

Choosing a natural conditioner is good for your hair and for the planet!