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Auri-Clean Ear candles
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Revitalize yourself and clean your years using an 100% natural method. Pack of 2 natural ear candles.
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Clean the ears of your loved ones without risking damage to their eardrums. A gentle relaxing, effective and thorough cleaning process!

The Auri Clean® candles are suitable for adults and children, for them to enjoy this moment of relaxation and natural hygiene.

. Pack of 2 ear candles

. Disposable candles

Materials: 100% natural


1. Find a quiet place free from drafts. Prepare a glass of water to extinguish the candle at the end of treatment or in case of any problems.

2. The person receiving the treatment should lay on their side.

3. The person giving the treatment moves away any hair or other accessories.

4. Insert the plug into the skid plate and ignite the widest end of the candle.

5. Insert the tapered end of the candle (non-inflamed part) in the ear with a slight twisting motion to prevent smoke escaping from the bottom of the ear. Hold the candle in an upright position with your hand.

6. When the flame has burned up 3cm above the safety ring, discontinue use and turn the candle into the glass of water.

7. You can clean the rest off with a cotton swab.


User Guideline:

Always use one candle per ear.

It is advisable to use Auri Clean® every 1 to 2 months candles.

It is recommended to use the treatment in the evening before going to bed.

If the plug is positioned correctly, there should not be any smoke coming from the candle or the ear.

The use of fire requires the greatest attention. Protect your hair before using the candle.


Refrain from using only candles if you are allergic to the wax and/or beeswax.

Check with your doctor if you have a perforated eardrum or lack of eardrum tubes ventilation, atrial drains (paracentesis) or washers, and recent surgery of the ear, ear cysts, otosclerosis (ankylosis of the stapes), tumor in the ear or other ear problem for which you receive medical care.

Treatment should only be preformed with the assistance of another person who will take the necessary security.

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Customer reviews: (33 reviews)

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