4-pronged Aero pitchfork - Green Corner 24

Green Corner 24 - 4-pronged Aero pitchfork
4-pronged Aero pitchfork
4-pronged Aero pitchfork
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This 4-pronged Aero pitchfork allows you to do all the manual work with ease.

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Product Features :

The Aero pitchfork enables a deep loosening of land without damaging the ecosystem.

The major use of the Aero fork loosening without turning: this work is 10 times faster than ordinary and much less tiring labor. It is an ecological tool that fully respects the bacterial soil life and structure that will benefit crops.

- Ergonomic to use

- Welded teeth/prongs

- Comes with the handle unattached

- No need to stoop or be hunched over

- Easy handling

- Good for the land and ecosystem

- Ideal for spreading manure 

: 3.8 Kg

Width: 38 cm

- Handle made from
Beech wood
- Metal: alloy steel - carbon

User guideline:

. Very sharp beveled teeth, which penetrate vertically thoroughly.

. Pulling the sleeves of the aero fork to you, stepping back, by switching from right to left, easily divided clods effortlessly.

. No need to stoop painfully to raise the earth as with a spade.

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