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Batboostor Battery Charger

 - Green Corner 2
Green Corner 2 - Batboostor Battery Charger
Batboostor Battery Charger
Batboostor Battery Charger
Batboostor Battery Charger
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Item number : 2BONN0068
Cut down the number of batteries you use with the Batboostor charger: good for the planet and your wallet! Takes 2 to 4 batteries at a time. Compatible with a range of disposable and rechargable batteries.
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Product Features:

Type of battery: rechargable NiCd,Ni-MH, AA, AAA, LR9; disposable alkaline and zinc-carbon.

Capacity: 2 to 4 batteries.

Green and red LEDs tell you when your batteries are charged.

Charging time: less than 2 hours.

Warranty: 1 year.

Power: 1.5 V


Made with materials that conform to the RoHS legislation (01/07/2006). Certification of the different parts is given by the manufacturer.

User Guidelines:

The Batboostor battery charger has a very simple user manual (included) that should be read before use.

A red light means that the batteries are charging, and a green flashing light means charging is complete.

Batboostor is compatible with disposable alkaline or zinc-carbon batteries, 5V LR6 AA or LR3 AAA, and 9V batteries.
Batteries are to be charged in pairs (except 9V).

The two batteries should be at the same level of charge before charging.

Batteries should not be stored loose. If two positive or two negative ends of the batteries touch and they short circuit, they can no longer be recharged. Consider avoiding this by putting an elastic band around used batteries.

Do not recharge disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries simultaneously.

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Customer reviews: (5 reviews)

Posted by Guy on 11/14/15

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Posted by Isabelle (from Greenweez Customer Ambassador team) on 4/16/15

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Posted by kim on 2/16/14

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Posted by allegrecoco on 1/10/14

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Posted by Adeline on 10/30/13

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