LED Red photophore candle - Zen' Arôme

Zen' Arôme - LED Red photophore candle
LED Red photophore candle
LED Red photophore candle
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Item number : 9BONZ0048
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Enjoy a candle-lit evening with these secure LED red photophore candles.Batteries included!

Product Features :

Material : PVC

Colour: Red

Dimensions : 10 x 4 cm

Weight : 50g

Battery life/ time it can run for : 30 hours

. Glimmering candle light effect

. On/Off function, blow out the candles!

User Guideline :

Multicolor LED photophore candle

This votive candle multicolor LED changes has a soft relaxing red colour. It reduces the risk of burning, dripping wax or smoke.

Once the switch turned on, it is possible to turn on or off by blowing on it, emitting a noise near or by tapping.

Supplied with 1 LED photophore candle, one frosted glass candle and one CR2032 battery.

About the brand

LED has become a key element in decorations because it can illuminate any object without using a lot of energy/power.

Green corner has selected more energy efficient products to create allow all our consumers to light up the homes and venues with eco-friendly products that also helps them safe a little!

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Customer reviews: (17 reviews)

Posted by Morgane on 27/10/2016

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Posted by Patrice on 29/09/2015

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Posted by vaya on 28/01/2015

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Posted by Agnes on 22/04/2014

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Posted by isa on 28/08/2013

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Posted by marlie on 24/07/2013

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Posted by Sarah on 26/05/2013

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Posted by wil le coyotte on 27/01/2013

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Posted by Sylvie on 17/01/2013

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Posted by Laurence on 29/12/2012

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Posted by eneri on 29/12/2012

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Posted by Coralie on 05/12/2012

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Posted by Sylvie on 01/12/2012

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Posted by Edith on 30/11/2012

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Posted by Stéphanie on 24/11/2012

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