Baby Health Record Cover Gift - Organic Cotton

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Eveil & Nature - Baby Health Record Cover Gift - Organic Cotton
Baby Health Record Cover Gift - Organic Cotton
Baby Health Record Cover Gift - Organic Cotton
Baby Health Record Cover Gift - Organic Cotton

The baby health record cover is the perfect gift for new parents! It is a beautiful classic cover for a baby's health record and certificates, a case cover to protect and cherish special moments and is made from 100% natural organic cotton.

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- Special gift/ baby health record cover (case for baby's certificates)

- Composition: 100% organic cotton

- Available Colours: taupe, rosewood and aqua

- Dimensions: 16 x 23 cm

- 100% organic cotton, soft material and ideally suited for the sensitive skin of babies. Has hypo-allergenic properties.

- Care: machine washable


- GOTS certification: dyes used are based on natural and ecological pigments.

- 100% certified organic cotton, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers preserving natural resources.

About Eveil & Nature

A baby's skin can be very delicate, thats why Eveil & Nature offer children and baby products made ​​from natural organic cotton. Organic cotton is a soft fabric, grown without pesticides or other chemicals, ideal for protecting children from potential problems related to chemical components.

Organic cotton is recommended for sensitive skin and especially for babies because of  its hypo-allergenic property. Eveil & Nature products also contribute to sustainable development and the reduction of our impact on the environment.

The Eveil & Nature range offers a superb collection of natural colours and soft fabrics that are gentle on the skin. Eveil & Nature gentle, stylish and natural care products for babies and children.
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