Our Green Commitment

At Greenweez, we are concerned about the environmental impact of our activities and we assume a pioneering role in this domain.

Therefore we have set targets for our environmental performance. Most of them have been achieved, the others are planned or in progress.


- Electricity supply generated exclusively from renewable resources: In progress following the relocation
- Energy-efficient computer equipment: Yes
- System of switches to turn off all appliances at night: Yes
- Computers automatically going into power save mode after a period of non-use: Yes
- Energy-efficient lighting with LED or fluorescent lamps: Yes
- Installation of solar panels when possible: Planned


- Wooden furniture from sustainable forests: Yes
- Use of recycled plastic: Yes


- Building with high energy efficiency: Planned
- Good office lighting: Yes
- Far from major transportation routes: Yes
- Close to green spaces: Yes
- Bicycle parking: Yes
- 50% of Greenweez staff cycle or walk to work.
- Space optimization: Yes

Office supplies

- Recycled paper: Yes
- Use of environmentally-friendly office supplies: Yes
- Reduce paper usage: Yes
- Use of eco-friendly cleaning products: Yes
- Recycle and refill printer cartridges: Tes


- Eco-friendly supply chain and shipping: In progress
- Low-emission company cars - hybrid or electric: Yes
- National business travels by train: Yes

Waste and recycling

- Installation of waste sorting bins and implementation: Yes
- No more plastic cups - replaced by reusable cups and mugs: Yes


- Double flush toilets: In progress
- Rainwater tank(s) connected to all flush toilets, when possible: Planned
- Water filter jugs: Yes


- Set a partnership with an organic food restaurant close to the canteen, if possible: In progress
- Organic food and drinks basket: Planned


- Air purifying plants: Yes

And many more... Greenweez encourages its employees to go to work by public transport or bike, and to carpool. In addition, it promotes a good and harmonious working environment.

Greenweez also attaches a great importance to offering its employees an attractive and motivating work environment.

For Greenweez, a company is a training center as well as a place for personal development, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute positively to the company and serves the others' interests.