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5 Floral Bird Decorations

 - √Čn Gry og Sif
√Čn Gry og Sif - 5 Floral Bird Decorations
5 Floral Bird Decorations
Item number : 1ENGR0060
Lovely little felt birds.
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Quantity: 5.

Materials: boiled wool.

Size: 15 x 8cm.


- World Fair Trade Organisation.

About √Čn Gry og Sif

√Čn Gry og Sif is a Danish company specialising in fair trade products made from boiled wool.

Designs are developed in Denmark and products are manufactured in Nepal, where the company cooperates with over 500 craftswomen.

√Čn Gry og Sif offers products handmade with 100% wool, that are coloured with environmentally-friendly dyes.

For Gry, co-founder of √Čn Gry og Sif, winter and the holiday season is synonymous with stories of love and tradition. With this in mind, she envisaged and created this collection of decorative objects.

The Danish countryside, lakes, and woods provide a great source of inspiration for √Čn Gry og Sif. Bring a Scandinavian touch to your decorations!
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