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Organic Calcium enriched oatmeal drink 400g - EcoMil

Price per kilo: £21.32/kilo
  (21 reviews)
Item number : 1ECOM0012
En Stock Delivery expected between Jul 25, 2018 and Jul 27, 2018

This delicious Organic Instant Oatmeal drink is enriched with Calcium. Airtight container 400g.

Price per kilo: £21.32/kilo

Product Features :

- Instant oatmeal drink

- Ingredients: Instant oats * (50%), corn maltodextrin *, almond oil *, marine calcareous algae: Lithothamnium calcareum (1.5%) and natural vanilla flavor *.

* Ingredients from organic farming.

- Packaging sealed container: 400g

- Made in Spain

- Free from colouring & preservatives

- Easy to digest

- Gluten & soya free!

Certifications :

-  Certified European standard, organic farming
User Guideline :

Dissolve 2-3 tablespoons in a glass of hot or cold water

- Try it in sauces, desserts etc...

- It can be consumed at any time of day, hot or cold.

About EcoMil

Ecomil was founded at the beginning of the 1990s and offers a wide range of non-dairy milk alternatives. Ecomil is the European leader in organic nut drinks. The aim of the company is to develop nutritionally sound products that respond to specific dietary needs.

Ecomil's vegetable drinks provide high quality nutrition, the brand is committed to providing you with vegetable based drinks, dried fruit, cereal and many more products for the benefit of your health.

Ecomil's production is strictly controlled at all stages and are made from carefully selected ingredients. These checks and premium ingredients guarantee you optimum quality. The Ecomil drinks are easy to digest and free from colouring and preservatives.

Ecomil also tries to reduce the negative impacts on the environment by looking at all manufacturing processes, from sourcing to the management of packaging and waste. The products are also made with ingredients from organic agriculture controlled and grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, in accordance with European Regulation 2092/91.

Try the healthy eco-friendly alternative that is suitable for vegetarians!
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Customer reviews: (21 reviews)

Posted by Agnes on 10/12/2017

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Posted by clairelou on 05/11/2017

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Posted by Gloria on 01/05/2017

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Posted by Severine on 20/03/2017

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Posted by Viviane on 02/06/2016

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Posted by Marie Agnes on 03/11/2015

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Posted by Danielle on 20/06/2015

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Posted by madmaxine on 14/01/2015

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Posted by Françoise on 24/07/2014

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Posted by clarisse1707 on 22/07/2014

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Posted by citadin on 23/06/2014

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Posted by Karine on 08/03/2014

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Posted by BineFuchs on 27/01/2014

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Posted by liloumcerise on 16/05/2013

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Posted by FANNY on 10/05/2013

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Posted by Anne-claire on 04/03/2013

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Posted by Virginie on 19/07/2012

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Posted by Véronique on 18/07/2012

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Posted by Céline on 01/07/2012

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Posted by Isabelle on 06/05/2012

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