Anti-Static Wipe Dispenser - 100 wipes

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Eco Buro - Anti-Static Wipe Dispenser - 100 wipes
Anti-Static Wipe Dispenser - 100 wipes
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Item number : 3ECOB0112
Dispenser of 100 anti-static cleaning wipes. Biodegradable, made from active vegetable substances. Picks up dust, electrostatic charge, nicotine... Recyclable.
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Anti-Static Wipe Dispenser - 100 wipes

These wipes pick up dust, electrostatic charge, nicotine, finger prints...

- Biodegradable

- Made from active vegetable substances, such as Scandinavian cellulose.

- Bleached without chlorine

- Free from synthetic material to make recycling easier.

NB: the photo represents the entire range of cleaning products, not only the Wipe Dispenser.

About Eco Buro

Ecoburo was founded in 2006 by a group of environmentalists and nature lovers who wanted to provide sustainable stationary and office supplies to consumers.

Ecoburo products range from school supplies to stationary for offices: These products are made from recycled paper, pencils made ​​from FSC-wood, solvent-free glues and many more! The pens and highlighters are also refillable!

Ecoburo attaches a great importance to the impeccable quality of all these products and guarantees the customer a high level of user-friendliness, long-term performance and the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the environment.
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Customer reviews: (2 reviews)

Posted by Marie on 8/13/15

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Posted by marinva on 7/30/15

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