Aromatherapy Set

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Direct Nature - Aromatherapy Set
Aromatherapy Set
Aromatherapy Set
Aromatherapy Set
Aromatherapy Set

Diffuse essential oils with this aromatherapy set, to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

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Product Features:

- Contents: 1 x Galea diffuser, 2 x 10ml bottles of essential oils (Zen and Eucalyptus Forest).

- Made using Pyrex, which is highly resistant to shocks.

- Diffusion: up to 80m² in 20-30 minutes.

- Size: 17 x 11cm

- Weight: 590g

- Warranty: 1 year.

User Guidelines:

- Use tap water only.

- Clean regularly, in particular between changing oils.

About Direct Nature

Direct Nature was founded in 2007 in Lyon, France. It designs elegant and practical essential oil diffusers in a variety of forms: USB diffusers, cigarette lighter diffusers, night light diffusers, and many more.

The company aims to retain a small business structure in order to be as efficient and responsive as possible.

Every day, Direct Nature is improving to bring its innovative and quality products to customers!
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