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dBb Remond - Baby Scissors
Baby Scissors
Baby Scissors
Baby Scissors
Baby Scissors
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Item number : 1DBBX0115

The Scissors have are slightly rounded  with a chrome steel tips will allow you to easily cut your baby's nails without the risk of injury.

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Product Features :

- small scissors baby

- Blades Rounded/slightly bent steel

- rounded tips

- Plastic handle

- Essential to cut small baby nails

- Shape of the blades to facilitate their use

- Rounded tips to avoid injury

- Choice of 4 colours: white, turquoise, blue and pink

Certifications :

- The accessories are guaranteed BPA and Phthalate free.

About dBb Remond

dBb Remond was the founder of the teat protector, with over 60 years of experience, the brand has since established itself has a leading brand in childcare products.

dBb Remond focuses on the health of our babies, all bottles and teats meet all European standards and are guaranteed free from  BPA and phthalates. dBb Remond even received a prize for their  involvement in the development of European standards for such products.

You've probably been fed with a dBb Remond baby bottle, since its creation over 125 million bottles and 750 million teats have been sold worldwide and dBb Remond also had one of  the first anti-colic bottles dating back from 1968. dBb Remond have also expanded their range and provide a wider selection of products from baby bottles to dummies and baby cutlery.

dBb Remond products have been highly recommended  by both health care professionalsand parents! Discover the dBb Remond product range for babies and toddlers at Greenweez.
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Customer reviews: (15 reviews)

Posted by Greenmum on 02/12/2016

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Posted by Sophie Duman on 15/10/2016

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Posted by marjo on 16/04/2016

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Posted by Agnes on 03/10/2015

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Posted by ryand78 on 13/09/2015

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Posted by Yuki on 24/04/2015

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Posted by Florence on 01/04/2015

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Posted by Valerie on 04/12/2014

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Posted by Florence on 10/11/2014

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Posted by Josselin (from Greenweez Customer Ambassador team) on 02/11/2014

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Posted by Ju on 13/05/2014

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Posted by Julien on 31/01/2014

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Posted by Lily on 30/12/2013

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Posted by Mathilde on 14/06/2013

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Posted by Julie on 25/02/2013

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