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• Item number : 1DBBX0081

It allows the child to be at the right height for dining table. 2 in 1, it can also serve as a foot stool.

Product features:

The booster chair is designed for children aged between 18 months to 4 years (or 15 kg).

. Colours: Pink or Green

About dBb Remond:

DBB Remond, the creator of baby bottles and teats.

You've probably been fed BPA Free dBb Remond! Since its inception, 125 million and 750 million bottles pacifiers were sold worldwide!

All dBb Remond innovation are validated by both professionals as moms. dBb-remond received the standardization in recognition of his involvement in the development of European standards.

You will find everything for the well-being of baby!

User Guidelines:

According to the colors or sizes, dispatch in 1 day if "in stock" else 18 days.

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