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The Bamboo bathroom set is the perfect gift idea, it has everything you need for a little pampering session! It contains a linen face glove, bath sponge, anti-cellulite brush, nail brush, a mirror and a hairbrush. Made in Germany.

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Product Features :

- Bamboo bathroom box set

- Packaging: Bamboo bucket with wooden handle.

- Contents:
Linen face glove
Bath sponge
Anti-cellulite brush
Nail brush

- Manufactured in: Germany

- Handles and other non fibre parts of accessories are made of bamboo

- Complete set for shower and baths

- Presented in a wooden bamboo bucket for easy storage of accessories

About Croll & Denecke

Croll & Denecke provide high-quality and sustainable products, made from carefully selected raw materials (sisal, sea sponge, loofah, bamboo, natural wood etc…). The company specializes in processing raw natural sponges with materials from the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Croll & Denecke uses the natural materials to create several bathroom accessories like the original natural bath sponges, wooden basins and bath brushes etc.

The careful and sustainable treatment of the raw materials from the sea, using traditional methods, is an integral part of Croll & Denecke business philosophy. All natural raw materials are stustainable and carefully treated.

This family business favours the use of wood (including bamboo) for the manufacturing of their, sauna, bathroom and other beauty accessories. Products created for beauty care and care for the environment.
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Customer reviews: (6 reviews)

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