Bamboo Mattress Topper 90 x 190 cm - Couette et Nature

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The matress toppers are made with Carbon Bamboo 90 x 190 cm. Simply place the topper between your mattress and fitted sheet, the mattress topper will add extra softness to your bed! Suitable for bed 90cm wide. Weight: 750 gr / m²

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Product Features :

- Mattress Topper

- Dimensions: 90 x 190 cm

- Filling: 100% carbon bamboo fibre on a polyester base

- Fabric for cover: 100% cotton

- Weight: 750 gr / m²

- Activated Carbon Bamboo neutralizes odours & absorbs moisture

- Regulates the humidity of the air creating a pleasant atmosphere, which prevents the growth of bacteria.

- The bamboo carbon releases beneficial negative ions for a more relaxed sleep. Improves blood circulation in the capillaries of the skin.

- Machine Washable

User Guideline :

- Machine washable

About Couette et Nature

Couette et Nature produce a unique range of products that will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Couette et Nature offers high-quality duvets with bamboo fibre filling. Natural stuffing fibres that are softer and lighter than most synthetic fibres, the natural materials used in Couette et Nature also tend to last longer than synthetic fillings and cover materials! These duvets are even more breathable than other traditional duvets and they can even be used during varies seasons. Couette et Nature products provide you with an ecological and economical alternative to other traditional duvets.

Couette et Nature selects charcoaled bamboo which is made with pieces of bamboo, that are burnt at temperatures of over 120°C. The unique porous structure of bamboo charcoal fibres naturally provides moisture and odour control. Couette et Nature only select the best quality material like the bamboo fibres and silk to ensure the quality of their products.

Couette et Nature designed for maximum comfort.

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Customer reviews: (7 reviews)

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