Cot & Bed mattresses

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Candide - Bamboo Soft Baby Mattress 60x120cm
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P'tit Lit - Bamboo Baby Mattress 70x140cm
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Träumeland - Sunset Baby mattress
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Pinolino - Coconut Fibres Mattress 140 x 70 cm
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Kadolis - Travel Mattress 60x120cm
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P'tit Lit - Carrycot Baby Mattress 32x72cm

As you may know, babies spend about 16 hours each day sleeping! Therefore it is important to choose the right baby bed mattress. For the comfort of your child, why not choosing environmentally friendly and healthy bedding?

Brands such as Sofamo, Tineo and Träumeland offer different types of eco-friendly baby mattresses. Keep in mind that baby mattresses are essential to your little one sleeping soundly and comfortably!