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These cartidges are suitable for the Brita On-Tap filters, they contain activated carbon. The operating principle of the cartridge is a combination of mechanical filtration and absorption. Pack of 2.

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Product Features :

- Pack of 2 On-Tap filter catridges

The cartridge effectively reduces:

- Chlorine

- The heavy metals, such as lead

- Solid and fine particles (eg rust, sand)

- Organic impurities (e.g. pesticides)

- Porduct lifespan for the filter cartridge is about 1200 liters / 3 months

About Brita

BRITA's innovative water filtration products continue to increase the brands market share and solidify it as a market leader. Headquarters no longer exclusively based in Taunusstein (Wiesbaden), Germany, it has expanded to other large European countries such as, Great Britain and Switzerland.

BRITA is internationally renowned for its expertise in the field of drinking water optimisation, it has 14 subsidiaries and one Joint Venture in fourteen countries.  Founded by Heinz Hankammer, this family company discovered a niche in the market and invented the water filter jug more than 45 years and has then since gone on to create and develop a wide range of products.

BRITA offers excellent filtration technology to all its customers for the cleanest, purist water at all times. BRITA is commited to its customers, employees and the environment. It is in compliance with all regulations and standards set. Discover the BRITA range at Greenweez and enjoy the benefits the water filtration technologies.
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Customer reviews: (6 reviews)

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