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Innovation, quality and design are the main strengths of Bialetti products!

Famous for its Italian coffee makers, Bialetti has evolved through the years integrating new heating technologies such as ceramic or induction into its products. With more than 250 million coffee machines sold all around the world, Bialetti still offers world- renowned high-quality coffee machines.

Bialetti has also developed a range of innovative cookware products among which ceramic pots, stainless steel saute pans, roasting pans and pressure cookers... The must-have tools for a healthy kitchen!

Bialetti products also play an important role in the preservation of the environment. Bialetti uses low-temperature methods to produce its range of cookware items which significantly reduces CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. The company has always been concerned with social, environmental and ethical issues. Since 2008, Bialetti cookware are PFOA-free (coatings without Perfluorooctanoic acid)!

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