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Beka - BEKA Chef - colander
BEKA Chef - colander
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Item number : 1BEKA0059

Clean lines, ergonomics and quality of the materials make it a safe bet. Diameter 28 cm. Without PFOA.

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Product Features:

. Stainless steel

. Utensils made of stainless steel have almost unlimited durability, withstand all usual food and detergents and have a neutral odour and taste.

. Can resist temperatures up to 250°C.

. Next to washing and draining food, the colander can also be used as a decorative fruit bowl.

. PFOA free

Diameter: 28 cm

About Beka:

Beka Cookware Engineered with a flawless designs and quality materials, some of the best quality kitchen utensils to prepare your meals with.

All Beka products contribute to a better and cleaner environment. Beka tries to give the best possible service and protection to the environment, its collaborators, employees and very importantly it's customers.

Beka Cookware; Built to last and timeless high quality products. Beka constantly examines the impact of materials and high-tech processes on our health and the environment. Striving to continuosly innovate & improve its products and processes for the best finished products, try the cookware range by Beka!


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Customer reviews: (9 reviews)

Posted by Anne-lise (from Greenweez Customer Ambassador team) on 18/06/2016

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Posted by claudera on 06/05/2016

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Posted by leagarson on 07/11/2015

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Posted by Otmane on 23/09/2015

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Posted by Reiss on 22/04/2015

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Posted by Jean-Claude on 22/02/2013

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Posted by Karine on 26/01/2013

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Posted by Jose on 20/10/2012

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Posted by sabine on 20/07/2011

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