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Handcrafted bracelet made using amber from the Baltic Sea.

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Product Features:

- Adjustable leather cord.

- Average weight: 1.7g.

- Colour: Milky.

- Warranty: 1 year.

About BalticWay

BalticWay offers the best of the Baltic: original, high quality designs that reflect knowledge and traditions that have been preserved for many generations. The BalticWay collection is made with authentic amber for a stylish and classic look.

BalticWay has a special partnership with local producers: all of its jewellery is handcrafted by skilled jewellery makers who are paid a fair price their unique quality pieces.

Amber is a natural material that has been used for centuries in the manufacturing of ornamental objects and jewellery. BalticWay uses the most famous and classic stones, gems and precious metals to produce its beautiful range of jewellery.
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