Adult Baroque Cognac Amber Bracelet

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BalticWay - Adult Baroque Cognac Amber Bracelet
Adult Baroque Cognac Amber Bracelet
Adult Baroque Cognac Amber Bracelet
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Item number : 6BONX0024
Handcrafted bracelet made using amber from the Baltic Sea.
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Product Features:

- Average bracelet diameter: 6cm.

- Average bead diameter: 0.7cm.

- Average weight: 6g.

- Colour: Cognac.

About BalticWay

BalticWay offers the best of the Baltic: original, high quality designs that reflect knowledge and traditions that have been preserved for many generations. The BalticWay collection is made with authentic amber for a stylish and classic look.

BalticWay has a special partnership with local producers: all of its jewellery is handcrafted by skilled jewellery makers who are paid a fair price their unique quality pieces.

Amber is a natural material that has been used for centuries in the manufacturing of ornamental objects and jewellery. BalticWay uses 100% natural amber for its jewellery. From simple baby and children's jewellery to top of the range adult collections, you will be sure to find a piece to match your or your child's personality.
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Customer reviews: (9 reviews)

Posted by infosante on 2/2/17

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Posted by Sandrine on 8/22/16

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Posted by patdu42 on 11/26/14

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Posted by Rozenn on 9/22/14

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Posted by Sylvie on 12/7/13

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Posted by Sandrine on 6/2/12

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Posted by lisse on 11/26/11

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Posted by MARIE-CLAUDE on 11/14/11

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