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Anti-Slam Doorstop - 2 Pack

 - Babysun
Babysun - Anti-Slam Doorstop - 2 Pack
Anti-Slam Doorstop - 2 Pack
Anti-Slam Doorstop - 2 Pack
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Item number : 3BABY0004
Pack of 2 anti-slam doorstops fish and very resistant foam. CE marking. Conforms to European standard EN7. To secure the house, baby and protect your peace of mind!
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Product Features:

- Anti-slam doorstop

- 2 Pack

- Design: fish shaped doorstoppers

- Made from a very resistant foam

- Ideal for a house with young children, stops doors slamming and eliminates potential accidents!


- CE certified

- Complies with European standard EN71

About Babysun

Babysun is a specialist in childcare products and has been developing its range for over 16 years. Toys and equipment that protect and support, parents and children at every stage of baby development.

Greenweez  provides products by brands that support and follow the strictest safety standards, which is why we have selected Babysun products, Babysun meets the most stringent safety standards. For the comfort and protection of children, parents and carers.
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Customer reviews: (3 reviews)

Posted by Mion on 8/10/16

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Posted by Claudine on 6/6/14

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Posted by Norma on 12/15/13

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