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Anti - Shock protection helmet

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Babysun - Anti - Shock protection helmet
Anti - Shock protection helmet
Anti - Shock protection helmet
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Item number : 3BABY0003
A Helmet for children aged 8 to 20 months, size 42 to 52. Adjustable size to the circumference of the head and chin. Interior foam polyolefin micro perforated exterior 100% polyester, very durable. Tilt visor to provide greater protection of the nose. CE certified and meets the European standard EN7.
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- Anti-shock protection helmet

- Innovative and safe, here is the Helmet for babies and toddlers, it provides protection for babies for even the most senstives areas on around the ehad and face . Bbaies can explore the house safely.
- Children 8-20 months / size 45 to 52

- Anti-Shock

- Helmet interior: perforated polyolefin foam padding microphone: for better shock absorption

- Size Helmet adjustable for child

- Chin - in Microplast ( soft skin ), adjustable and repositionable for lateral adjustment between the temples and forehead .

- Tilt - Visor: facing up , it offering extra protection

- Exterior: 100% polyester fabric , very resistant .


- CE certified

- Complies with European standard EN71

About BabySun:

Babysun is a specialist in childcare articles has been developing for over 16 years, toys and equipment that protect and support, parents and children at every stage of baby development.

Greenweez  provides products by brands that support and follow safety standards, which is why Babysun products have been selected as part of the products we provide here at Greenweez, Babysun meets the most stringent safety standards. For the comfort and protection of children, parents and carers.
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Customer reviews: (2 reviews)

Posted by Mamy on 4/24/14

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Posted by virginie on 5/9/12

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