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B-Nott duvet 240 x 220 cm

 - B-Nott
B-Nott - B-Nott duvet 240 x 220 cm
B-Nott duvet 240 x 220 cm
B-Nott duvet 240 x 220 cm
Item number : 1BNOT0003
The B-Nott duvet is made from natural fibres, it is light and offers maximum comfort as well as being practical. Machine washable. Duvet filling, 150g/m², Dimensions, 240 x 220 cm.
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Product Features:

- Duvet: Tencel fabric

- Dimensions:  240 x 220 cm

- Composition: Suprelle FRESH ® & TENCEL ®
• Absorbs moisture
• Very fine and soft
• Touch and natural origin

Suprelle FRESH ®
• Airflow optimized
• Wicks moisture rapidly outward
• Insulates from the cold
• Very swelling

- Duvet filling: 150 g / m²

- Good air circulation

- Extreme Softness

- Machine washable at 40 ° C


- B- Nott obtained European Eco- label certification.

- Environmental Protection: Member of the ECOPROFIT ® program in Germany since 2007. Reduction in overall energy consumption (water, electricity) and CO2 emissions.

About B-Nott:

B-Nott is an innovative brand that specializes in the manufacturing of technical fabrics for bedding.

The B-Nott brand manufactures 100% of its products within European and uses Tencel® fabrics, that are 100% natural fibres.

Tencel® is the trademark name for lyocell. This fibre is made ​​from eucalyptus pulp. It offers unparalleled softness, absorbs moisture and also has isothermal qualities: Tencel® regulates the temperature of the tissue against the skin. Giving maximum comfort and quality to its customers.

B-Nott uses materials exclusively sourced from sustainably managed forest plantations. The innovation is that the non-toxic solvents used dare also recycled. B-Nott  has even received the Ecolabel European Union for some of its materials and processes.
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