ARGILETZ® has existed for 50 years, long enough to become a pioneer and to introduce the mass public to the deep-lying benefits of sun-dried natural green Illite clay.

Throughout the years, ARGILETZ® has represented experience and innovation. As indisputable market leader, it took the time to discover the many unsuspected qualities of clay, validate its complex scientific reality and create new high-performance products.

With a commitment to the Earth that has entrusted them with its precious patrimony, ARGILETZ® respects the environment through the authenticity of its sun-dried natural green Illite clay. ARGILETZ® also respects the ethics that preside over the relations with its business partners and consumers – from well-established to novice.

ARGILETZ® loves clay, the real clay. The clay that relieves the body's pain and everyone's minds, the clay that cements bonds between people and traditions, the clay that opens the horizons to sharing and preserving nature: for the best possible individual and collective future in a multi-coloured world!

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