Api'Actif Concentrate 60mL

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Aprolis - Api'Actif Concentrate 60mL
Api'Actif Concentrate 60mL

Strengthen your natural defences before winter with Api'Actif Concentrate. Made with concentrate grapefruit seed extract organic propolis, manuka honey and organic thyme, all the key natural ingredients to keep defenses up. 60ml.

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Quantity :
Price per liter: £153.41/liter

Price per liter: £153.41/liter

Product Features :

- Api'Actif Concentrate

- Capacity: 60 ml

- With seed extract organic grapefruit, organic propolis, manuka honey and thyme bio, the Api'Actif concentrate helps you strengthen your natural defenses.

- 100% Organic

-  certified Organic Farming

- Natural care based on purifying and antioxidant action of propolis

- Each batch of propolis is strictly monitored and controlled in case of substances such as, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactivity , microbiology ...

- Product produced under HACCP (Quality = trace = safety).

Certification :

- Certified AB Label

This product is a dietary supplement it cannot replace a balanced and varied diet! Do not exceed the recommended amount!

User Guideline :

- Consume 25 drops, 3 times a day diluted in a glass of water

- Shake well before use

- Keep refrigerated after opening

About Aprolis

Aprolis offers a range of food supplements and cosmetics based on propolis. Natural bactericide, propolis is a type of shield, used by bees for its cleaning properties to strengthen their habitat and clean. Propolis is also good for us humans, it has amazing cleansing, protective and healing properties!

Aprolis products are based on the many virtues of propolis such as its purifying and antioxidant action,  with carefully selected ingredients which are certified Cosmébio Aprolis presents cosmetics and hygiene products of the highest quality made from natural ingredients.

Aprolis products are free from several harmful ingredients; they guarantee no synthetic fragrance, PEG or GMO, no sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens or phenoxyethanol. Finally, Aprolis products are not tested on animals. An ethical brand that produces natural quality products!
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