Alu Star Gitti Shopper - Blue

 - Andersen
Andersen - Alu Star Gitti Shopper - Blue
Alu Star Gitti Shopper - Blue
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With its adjustable handle and its large filling capacity, you will want this shopper.  

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. Dimensions: 36 x 58 x 24 cm
. Capacity: 49L
. Colour: Black, Blue, Grey
. easily removable
. hydrophobic fabric
. outside pocket
. reflectors

. Material: aluminum
. Chassis height: 111 cm
. Chassis weight: 1.6 kg
. Total weight with bag: 2.3 kg
. Max Load: 40 kg
. Wheel diameter: 20 cm
. Wheelbase: 40 cm
. Easily removable wheels
. Wheels easy walking
. folding hoop
. foldable legs
. Adjustable Handle Height

About Andersen

In 1958, Mr and Mrs Andersen decided to manufacture shopping bags on wheels. They began work in a horse stable near Satrup in northern Germany, where they assembled trolleys themselves. Demand exploded and they realised that it was becoming impossible to continue on their own, in a stable. They expanded and moved to their first factory premises in 1962.

All shopping trolleys are still designed, developed and thoroughly manufactured in the Andersen factory, starting from the framework to the finished Shopper®. This involves a huge variety of equipment : aluminium tubing, seats, ball bearing wheels, telescopic handles, cooler bags, tarpaulin bags, sailcloth, etc.

Andersen keeps on designing and developing new products in order to better respond to customers' needs and expectations, providing the best service it can. Andersen products are eco-friendly and reusable. If you are used to returning home laden with plastic bags, then try an Andersen shopping trolley and never look back!

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Customer reviews: (5 reviews)

Posted by Etienne on 22/05/2017

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Posted by rias38 on 03/08/2015

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Posted by Stéphane on 28/12/2014

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Posted by DM on 06/11/2014

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