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Almo Nature, founded in 2000 was the first company in the world to launch cat and dog food made entirely with pure ingredients that contain no additives. Classic meals with natural ingredients, the company is one of the most innovative in the world for pet food.

Almo Nature products are developed focusing on animals, their point of view and their wellbeing. Almo Nature ensures the full traceability of its production chain. It also requests its suppliers to abide to a quality and control protocol which is even stricter and restrictive than applicable European laws.

Almo Nature is also focused on protecting the environment and the reduction of dangerous emission on a global scale. The European Union has decided to achieve a 20%, Almo Nature has decided to follow this trend and reduce its CO2 emissions, while improving its energy efficiency.

Almo Nature has become synonymous with quality. Quality pet food with first-class ingredients, quality care for pets and quality production methods  that are environmentally-friendly!

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